I Wish You Well Manual

Dr. Barbara J. Sharp

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What’s Inside

The following are manifestations of the Spirit of Rejection:

  • You are depressed. No words of encouragement can lift you out of your state of rejection.
  • You have the impression that you are an observer, unable to participate in conversations.
  • You believe that you have missed out on life’s opportunities and that it is too late to make amends. 
  • You feel rejected if those in positions of authority do not acknowledge your accomplishments. 
  • When you start comparing your circumstances to those of others, you can feel the spirit of envy creeping in. 
  • Envy, comparison, and rejection suggest that you were not given a fair chance in life.


Rejection is one of the most painful, common, and untreated wounds impacting the soul (mind, will, emotions) of mankind. Ninety-nine percent of those we’ve counseled have identified with the wounds of rejection. We’ll look at how the spirit of rejection manifests itself in the lives of both believers and nonbelievers. As a therapist, and based on my personal experience, I will classify “rejection” as a spirit. Evil/unclean spirits cannot enter a person at will; they require open doors. Rejection creates a wound, an opening, and a door for evil/unclean spirits to enter. The spirit of rejection usually begins at a young age or while in the womb. The spirit of rejection” seeks to torment and harass areas of your mind, will, and emotions—your soul—that part of you that longs for love, acceptance, and self-worth. The rejection spirit mocks you with feelings of worthlessness, telling you that you are unwanted. This stronghold of rejection causes you to doubt your identity in Christ Jesus and informs you that you have not been fully adopted into God’s family. The spirit of “rejection” is at odds with the spirit of “acceptance.” “Rejection” has two companions: “fear of rejection” and “self-rejection.” These three extremely powerful spirits can completely warp and destroy a person’s personality.


Out of Captivity

Dr. Barbara J. Sharp